(Italiano) confsl

26 and 27 of June, Free Software Conference in Ivrea, confsl.org

We went to the conference … many interesting news and many illustrious guests. After the opening of the day (with G. Pentenero, G.Montanari, etc) space for technical parts. Part Prof. A.R. Meo of Politecnico di Torino, with Free Software and Italian Digital Agenda, a summary of the troubled history of free SW in Italy with[…]

(Italiano) kickstarter

Kickstarter lands in Italy: payments in euros and Italian bank accounts for collection

Kickstarter, the world’s largest crowdfunding platform, lands in Italy. Fundraising for creative projects – there are 15 categories – can be made in euro and correlated to Italian bank accounts. “We live in a new golden age of creativity, where anyone with fantasy can do something concrete by working with other people,” explains Yancey Strickler,[…]

Google manually reviews apps sent to the Play Store !!!

With a surprise move that should help users and developers, Google has announced that it has started reviewing applications that are submitted to the Play Store manually. To date, Google has been based on automatic review processes to cope with the huge number of applications submitted each day on what is today the world’s largest[…]