Google manually reviews apps sent to the Play Store !!!

With a surprise move that should help users and developers, Google has announced that it has started reviewing applications that are submitted to the Play Store manually. To date, Google has been based on automatic review processes to cope with the huge number of applications submitted each day on what is today the world’s largest app store. However, the approach has had more than a few drawbacks (many malicious, inappropriate, and low-quality applications have been published) with a loss of credibility in user experience and creating problems for legitimate developers. Opposite has always been the choice of the Apple Store, where every application is screened manually before publishing. By following the Apple line, Google has now introduced a manual review component for the evaluation process, which, at least in theory, should alleviate the issues above. The manual component is already in place, in fact; Google says it has been used for several months, and that developers did not notice any effect. This statement is important because Google is likely to offer feedback to uncompiring applications within a few hours, not days or weeks. “This new process involves a team of experts who have the task of detecting violations of our development policies in the application lifecycle. We appreciate the rapid innovation and iteration that is unique to Google Play, and we will continue to help developers get their products on the market within a few hours of presentation instead of days or weeks. In fact, there was not a major change for developers during the rollout. ” According to Purnima Kochikar, Director of Business Development for Google Play, 100% of applications that are currently being submitted to the Play Store are manually reviewed, to some extent. Google still relies on algorithms for control masses, for things like malware or copyrighted content. Another change that developers will surely appreciate is a clearer picture of the release state of an app. “Developers now have a clearer picture why applications are rejected or suspended, and can easily correct and replicate their applications for minor policy violations.” Google has also introduced a new age-based classification system that will make it easier for developers to identify the right audience. Developers will have to fill in a questionnaire to rate their applications and, starting in May, this step will be mandatory for any new application or upgrade of existing applications SOURCE: TechCrunch