Android Application with NFC Technology, towards Factory 4.0



We have developed an Android application with NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, which enables users to manage the various steps of the production process carry out by an operator / employee. The operator, equipped with an NFC bracelet, is recognized by the mobile device and can be associated with a work order that contains an NFC tag.

The app then displays the various work steps on which the employee can operate and records the time, allowing you to pause and then reinitiate these activities, start others on the same order or on different orders. The company’s production manager therefore has real-time data related to the timing needed to carry out a contract date, reports on the most critical activities / commits that will also be useful for future estimates. Additionally at the end of the month you will already have timesheets filled up for each employee, usable by both the HR manager and the payroll administrators.

The company administrator will have access to a synthesis dashboard with various reports and graphs that will help you better identify the performance of your production, have KPIs, and short and long-term forecasts.


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To learn more about NFC technology: NFC in 5 points