Lily, the drone that follows you

In the name and design reminds a human being, and its creators would like you to treat it just like an intelligent “individual”. Lily is a drone different from everyone else, designed to follow your outdoor adventures without having to keep an eye on it. The commands do not exist: the gadget is launched in the air, where it activates itself and from that moment begins to follow you autonomously until you disable it. However, you can suggest different shooting modes, but in essence, flight operations are all handled automatically. To know where you are, the drone is based on a tracking device that you need to bring to your wrist. The latter, like Lily, is waterproof (with IP 67 certification): in the demonstration video, the quadricopter is thrown into a river to re-emerge in flight after a few moments. There are still doubts about the safety and reliability of a flying object that can not be controlled manually, but since Lily is a prototype, there will probably be a way to clarify them and, if so, resolve them. It will arrive on the market at the beginning of 2016 at the price of $ 999, but it is already possible to book it discounted by 50% on the official website. SOURCE: Wired