TC-WEB was born by bringing together the expertise in the fields of consulting and computer training administrator Franco Grivet Chin and his staff.
The references described here, therefore, also relate to prior periods and is not directly attributable to the TC-WEB.

Directors: the two directors, Grivet Chin and Franco Caruso Mariarosa, working for years in the field of consultancy and training.
Employees: the TC-WEB has a flexible structure that makes use of permanent collaborators. On software development projects and training, the experience of the employees is linked to both Windows and Unix / Linux and covers the following areas of development:

  • area web development: JSP, Servlets, EJB, JavaScript, JQuery, Struts, iBATIS, Hibernate, XML, ASP, ASP .NET, PHP, HTML
  • area web graphics: CSS, Flash, Photoshop and main sw graphics, template management, design sketching
  • area programming: Java, C #, UML, C ++, Visual Basic, VB. Net
  • area database: development SQL and PL / SQL, administration of: SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Access
  • ERP and SAP: ABAP and customization