February 1, 2019


TC-Web Web Portfolio


We’d like to share some of the recent projects realized by our team for both websites and platforms, and web/mobile applications.

Web/Mobile Apps

Web Attendance Register

Description: The Web App is designed for the Valdocco Cooperative which is working with the Milano district to develop a programm of pre and post school activities. TC-Web is designing a new software solution that shall provide an attendace register for both kids and operators, to consult online and provide a complete report of the acquired data. The application is very essential and user friedly to simlify daily operations.

Features: #onlineRegister #webApp #mobileApp #managementSystem

Jigoro Kano Cup App

Description: App designed to manage atletes, placements and results of sport competitions, in this case the Jigoro Kano Cup Trofy, a Judo competition. The app handle the categorization and information about the competitors as belt, weight category and allows to classify the athletes during the matches.

Features: #onlineRegister #webApp #mobileApp #managementSystem

Description: the project consist in a platform to support the social assistance institutions to digitalize the many procedures which invole patients and assisted. The app is accessible both by desktop and mobile, for administrators and operators on the field, to keep the process fluent and clear to all the staff members. The applications has many features such sincronized calendars for appointments, tracking options and reports and statistics for the administration.

Features: #socialAssistance#managementSystem #mobile #tracking #reports


Paka Adventures

Description: new Paka Adventures Website in collaboration with TamagoLab. Our team realized this project for a Norwegian travel agency specialized in Safari and african tours packages, especially in Tanzania. 

Features: #CMS #Wordpress #travel #website #smart #responsive


Description: innovative real Estate platform to buy and rent houses and apartments. Is a multi-user platform: different professionals can access and interact with the final users and buyers: the website aims to simplify and ensure a successful transaction.

Features: #website #platform #multiUser #realEstate #security #reliability

Idroservizi Srl

Description: total renewal of the Idroservizi website for both content and graphics to improve user experience and competitiveness. Clear and essential interface ensure readability and correctly address potential clients to the needed services, for better communication.

Features: #website #services #UI #UX #webDesign #restyling

For more information e-mail us at info@tc-web.it or call the (+39) 011 0466685.