our mission - TC-WEB


Our mission: ensure professionalism, willingness and attention to detail. These are the features that identify the work at Tc-Web.

The core of our business is the customer and his/her needs. Our main goal is to meet customers’ expectations with innovative and high performance solutions modelled on your specific requests.
We are specialized in creating customized software for companies. Tc-Web has always provided consulting services for the design and realization of your ideas using the latest technologies with special consideration for open source technologies.

“Training is a key asset to continuous growth.”

Training doesn’t only mean learning specific notions or methodologies to do a precise job. It’s a wider concept, it consists in transforming attitudes, behaviors and mentalities that allow you to understand your organizational role in a different way and gives you the opportunity to perform new and different jobs.
That’s why here, at Tc-Web, we believe in professional development training for our employees.
Tc-Web is a partner of Accademia Formaweb, a training school accredited by Regione Piemonte, through this institute we can provide professional support to young people who are facing the ICT industry. Thanks to tutoring and advanced training courses we guarantee the highest level of preparation for all of our employees.
Moreover, many of our colleagues are also teachers with extensive experience in IT training and programming. Every trainer at Tc-Web is an expert in managing learning processes, effective in both training and communication. Thanks to the appropriate use of teaching methods and techniques but also in-depth knowledge of corporate planning systems and organizational culture, the results of excellence are guaranteed.

Tc-Web  employs more than 40 consultants and teachers. If you want to join our group of professionals please contact us by completing this form, by phone at 011 2295193 , mail or come and visit us!